1664 Map of New York Note Cards

1664 Map of New York Note Cards

New Netherland Institute


These multi-colored 5" x 7" note cards (envelopes included) are suitable for all occasions, but will be a genuine stand-out for your Christmas mailing. The cards come in boxes of ten.

Depicted on the card is the famous 1664 Duke's Plan of New York. The map is currently housed at the British Library and is described here as follows: 

"This plan probably accompanied the town's request to the Duke of York (later King James II) to agree to be its patron. It is an English copy of a map made for the Dutch authorities by Jacques Cortelyou before the town's surrender, and hence the last plan to use the name 'New Amsterdam'. English ships can be seen in the harbour. The wall, that was to give its name to Wall Street, and the battery, now Battery Park, can also be identified."