Dankerts Map

Dankerts Map

New Netherlands Institute


Danckertsz, Justus. 
Novi Belgii Novæque Angliæ Nec Non Pennsylvaniæ Et Partis Virginiæ Tabula
(New Netherland, New England, Pennsylvania, and Part of Virginia) 

This 17th century map pictures the area of what was then "Nieuw Nederland." It was published by Justus Danckertsz in Amsterdam in different editions from ca. 1655. Besides a well-drawn representation of the area, the map pictures its wildlife among them beavers. The trade in their skins was the main reason for the Dutch to come here afer Henry Hudson in 1609 made his journey to the river that now bears his name. This is the second state of the map ca. 1665. Below right the map shows a view of "Nieuw Yorck, formerly named Nieuw Amsterdam, on the island of Manhattans." It shows the town in ca. 1650 as seen from the east.

Unframed. Approximately 23" x 19"