Register of Solomon Lachaire, 1661–1662

Register of Solomon Lachaire, 1661–1662

New Netherland Institute


Translated by E.B. O'Callaghan.

Originally a two-volume Dutch manuscript, these documents form a detailed register of the notarial activities of Solomon Lachaire,1661–1662. Derived from Roman Law, the position of Notary Public carried great responsibility. The Notary Public was a "high official of the courts of law, who goes very nearly through the same course of legal studies as would be required of a judge." In many cases, documents verified and certified by a Notary Public required no further verification from a court of law. Included in this volume are such items as contracts, conveyances, bills of sale, leases, partnership agreements, powers of attorney, depositions and affidavits, petitions, protests, acknowledgements of debt, indentures, apprenticeships, wills, settlements of estate, inventories, bonds, accounts, and translations from and into English. In these pages appear persons of many nationalities and occupations. Frequently given is place of origin and/or residence; names of spouses or other relatives often appear.