Roosevelt Rescue: Restoring Dutch America

Roosevelt Rescue: Restoring Dutch America

New Netherland Institute


By Zachary Finch

The redevelopment of Ground Zero requires the successful attorney Daniel Van Wart to explore New York City’s earliest history, when it was still Dutch. Surprised by his findings, Daniel can’t help but be intrigued by the lasting Dutch influence on America.

Daniel’s research has unexpected consequences. Hidden in the historical record is a centuries-old legal claim a powerful group plans to use for its own gain. Until their plan comes to fruition, they’ll do anything to keep the matter quiet.

Shadowed by a possible assassin and banned from the case by his prestigious law firm, Daniel realizes he’s stumbled onto information that could shake two nations. With the help of Dutch activist attorney Kate Bates, he picks up the trail that prior American presidents were forced to abandon, revealing a formidable pattern that seemed erased from the world’s memory—and that could cost them their lives.

A fast-paced thriller, The Roosevelt Rescue reveals a side of history rarely taught in schools—the history of the decisive Dutch role in the formation of the United States as the world’s leading republic.