The Edge of New Netherland

The Edge of New Netherland

New Netherland Institute


By Len Tantillo.

In the 17th century, the Dutch & the Swedes vied for supremacy on the Delaware River, the southern edge of New Netherland. Artist Len Tantillo examines the fur trade and how the area was central to its control. He analyzes fort-building of the era and reconstructs the fort occupied at various times by the two countries - Fort Casimir to the Dutch, Fort Trinity to the Swedes.

Long known for his paintings of New Netherland, Len applies his tools of historical reconstruction to the Fort, building a 3D model and sketching various views from it.  This process culminates in a color illustration that is a remarkable likeness to the best original drawing of the Fort, the Lindstrom elevation of 1655.

The book is filled with the illustrations for which Len is known.  Charles T. Gehring, Director of the New Netherland Research Center, provides an historical overview of the Dutch on the Delaware.  Peter A. Douglas chronicles the process of discovery Len undertakes in creating his historical reconstruction.